We together fight “radicalisation and terrorism as common challenges”: Modi and Xi Jinping


Mamallapuram:  Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping have begun their second round of informal talks after the two leaders on Friday bonded over a tour of the temples of Mahabalipuram, now known as Mamallapuram, followed by cultural programmes and dinner that went well beyond the scheduled time. India and China agreed that they need to work together to fight “radicalisation and terrorism as common challenges”, the government said in a late-night press briefing on Friday. Xi Jinping urged both the countries to take the 70th anniversary of China-India diplomatic relations next year as an opportunity to conduct broader and deeper cultural and people-to-people exchanges. Mr Xi said Tamil Nadu has a long history of exchanges with China and close connections with China on maritime trade since ancient times. The Chinese President also called on the two countries to jointly advocate and push forward dialogue and exchanges among different civilizations, so as to “inject more lasting driving force into the development of bilateral ties and continue to produce new glory for Asian civilizations”.