”weaving fake narratives,” India slams Pakistan for violent extremist ideologies


Delhi: India slammed Pakistan for “weaving fake narratives” about children living in Jammu and Kashmir, saying the country has a “dubious distinction” of “schooling” young children in violent extremist ideologies and recruiting them in terrorist groups. Addressing the General Assembly Third Committee session on ‘Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Children’ on Thursday, First Secretary in India’s Permanent Mission to the UN Paulomi Tripathi, without naming Pakistan, said one delegation has yet again chose to distract the attention of the Committee with its “deceitful political propaganda by weaving fake narratives, while making unwarranted references to internal matters of my country”. Tripathi was responding to remarks made in the Committee by Pakistan’s outgoing UN envoy Maleeha Lodhi had also alluded to reports by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights on the situation in Jammu and Kashmir. Lashing out at Pakistan, Tripathi said, robbing not only these children of their future, but also jeopardizing the future of children across the borders. “If this is not deprivation of liberty and egregious violation of innocent children’s rights, then what is?” she asked, in a strong response to Lodhi’s reference to the 2018 report of the Independent Expert leading the UN global study on children deprived of liberty.