Apple unveils new products and services at modest rates

Each new Apple product serves as a hook that keeps customers from leaving Apple's restrictive ecosystem.

Delhi: Apple on Tuesday unveiled new cheaper watches and iPhones and refreshed the entry-level iPad. But it also announced the pricing and release dates for new subscription services; including its long-awaited Netflix rival Apple TV+. The latest lineup of iPhones adds more cameras for better photo quality, improved battery life and an appealing price tag. The  iPhone 11, which has two cameras, starts at $699 (Rs. 64,900 in India) – less than the $1,000 at which Apple has priced its main new phone the past couple years, and potentially priced to woo consumers on the fence about buying the newest Apple offering. That $1,000 price point now belongs to the iPhone 11 Pro which has three cameras. On Tuesday, the company announced the pricing for two of its newest subscription products launching this year:  Apple Arcade and Apple TV+ (both Rs. 99 a month in India).