Flood water of Srisailam on rise, Nagarjuna Sagar gates lifted up


Amaravati: Authorities opened the Nagarjuna Sagar Dam gates a short while ago, as the floodwaters from Srisailam were rising for an hour. Officials lifted 16 gates up to five feet this morning, flooding more than 2.60 lakh cusecs, and unloading 1.50 lakh cusecs. Officials said that as the Sagar gates were raised, people in the lowlands were alerted. Rescuers have been sent to Mampu area. While Prakasam Barrage currently has a flood of 80 thousand cusecs, today it is in danger of crossing 3 lakh cusecs, and the Nidavalli Karakatta is once again in danger. In view of the flood, authorities have stopped the influx of pilgrims to Bhavani Island.