“Unhappy”….Alia Bhatt thought one thing but something else happened?

Alia Bhatt's has neither worked with Aamir or Salman in the past and Inshallah would have been her first film with the Dabangg actor.

Mumbai: Alia Bhatt was super excited about Inshallah, like she said in several interviews. Now that Inshallah has been shelved, “Alia was approached for a film with Aamir Khan. However, she had to decline the offer as she had reserved all the dates for Inshallah.” Alia was reportedly being considered for the much talked-about, yet-unannounced Osho biopic, expectedly to be headlined by Aamir Khan. The source added that Alia reportedly missed out on not only the Aamir Khan movie but also other offers because of Inshallah. The actress is very upset as she gave up on various other projects too during the period. On Monday, amidst reports that Sanjay Leela Bhansali has shelved the ambitious project because of creative differences with Salman, the 53-year-old actor tweeted that Inshallah has been “pushed”.