Is it possible for TDP to get back into power?


Nellore: Extreme tension created as the houses of TDP politicians were accused as illegal properties and destroyed by officials in Venkateswarapuram, Nellore. Officials demolished three houses of TDP leaders with JCB this morning in Janardhan Reddy colony. Demolishing of the houses started at wee hours amid police security. When the Revenue and Municipal Officers came to demolish the houses, TDP activists had already arrived and blocked them causing a clash between the two groups, then the police entered to disperse the protesters. While officials make it clear that this place is government’s property, TDP leaders told that they live here from so many years and the government has started demolition of houses to take revenge on party. TDP leaders said, they bought the land righteously and built houses. Police arrested several people, including TDP city president, Kotamreddy Srinivasulareddy; a heavy security was set up in the area to control the situation.